Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How do I post a comment?

A: In order to post a comment, you must be a registered member of Perez Posse. Please click the register link at the bottom of any post page, fill in the information, click the link in the confirmation email, and you're good to go!

Q: Do you have a newsletter? How can I subscribe/unsubscribe from the mailing list?

A: To subscribe/unsubscribe from the newsletter, log in to your posse account and check/uncheck the "Receive daily gossip email updates" box.

Q: What should I do if I haven't received my confirmation email?

A: First please check in your email's junk or spam filter to make sure you didn't miss it. If it's not there either, please email us at and we can confirm the email address for you. Please make sure to email from the address you supplied at signup that you'd like to confirm!

Q: What do you do with my email address?

A: We will not sell or share your personal information! We send a daily newsletter updating you on the day's news, but if you'd prefer not to receive this you can go to your profile page and deselect it by unchecking the box.

Q: I've logged in, but I don't see the box to place comments, just a link to log in again.

A: This is most likely a problem with cookies. Please log out, clear your cookies, make sure that you've allowed cookies for and log back in.

In Internet Explorer

  • Click the "Tools" menu, then select "Internet options."

  • On the general tab, please click the "Delete cookies" button.

  • Select the privacy and click the "Sites" button.

  • Enter into the text field, then click "allow."

  • Click "OK" to save your settings.

In Firefox

  • Click the "Tools" menu, then select "Options."

  • Select the "Privacy" tab, then click the "show cookies" button.

  • Enter "perezhilton" into the search box, then delete all the cookies that match

  • Back on the privacy tab, click the "Exceptions" buttons

  • Enter into the text field, then click "enable."

  • Close the exceptions window, then click "OK" in the options window to save your settings.